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Kids Workshop Highlights

By August 15, 2017News

For the past three weeks Chef Angie has hosted some incredible candy workshops on our new promenade at Lucky Leo’s Sweet Shop. Starting with Edible Sand in a Rainbow Colors. Followed by Candy Cupcake Wars and Candy Sushi. Each of these workshops were a hit with the kids, adults and our staff. Everyone just loves Chef Angie and playing with our yummy sweet treats.

We covered each event with live streaming on Facebook, quick highlights on Instagram and Snap Chat. But we also wanted to share the additional highlights with you, here, on our new blog. There were so many photos we had to share more.

Let’s start with some fun highlights from the Edible Sand Art Workshop!

Up next is the Candy Cupcake Wars Workshop! Too much fun happened here!

The fun continues with Candy Sushi. This demo was fabulous. Anything mixing melted butter, marshmallows, rice krispies and candy, has our attention!

Wanna be featured on one of our sites? If you have visited our shop and have a picture to share, let us know. You could be Lucky Leo’s Sweet Shop Famous!!!! For more information regarding any of our workshops, please stop in the shop or contact us at  luckyleossweetshop@gmail.com