Pecan Sea-Turtles


Pecan lovers, we have your new favorite chocolate indulgence!  Lucky Leo’s Sweet Shop Pecan Sea-Turtles, a “best seller”in our boardwalk shop! It’s hard to resist their addictive combination of buttery pecans and chewy homemade caramel, nestled under a creamy Belgian chocolate shell. Our roasted salted pecans are topped with a generous dollop of our creamy homemade caramel, then smothered with our Belgian chocolate.

Our dark chocolate is vegan and made with only 5 ingredients. The milk chocolate (from grass-fed cows) is made with only 6. All are non-gmo!

Sold by the half pound. Approximately 7 pieces (varies by size).

Increase Quantity to 2 for full pound!

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To place an order via phone please call 732.250.8555


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